VA Concealed Carry Map
Virginia Concealed Carry Permit Training
Q. Do I need to bring a firearm to class?
A. No, you do not need to own or bring a firearm.
Q. Do I need to know how to shoot?
A. No, you do not need a familiarity with firearms prior to attending this course.
Q. Will I get to shoot a firearm during class?
A. No. For the standard Virginia Resident Permit live fire is not required. However, we do offer and recommend an optional live fire module (which is required for the Florida Non-resident Permit). We also have many other course offerings which include range time on our simulator or live fire for additional instruction.
Q. Will I walk away from class with my concealed carry permit?
A. No. You will receive your training certificate (good for your lifetime) that satisfies all of the requirements to receive a Virginia Resident Permit and explicit directions on how to proceed. Virginia is a "Must Issue" state and if you have a clean record you will receive your permit within a few weeks. By law, it can be no longer than 45 days.
Q. Do I need to attend this class if I'm in the military?
A. The short answer is no. Concealed Carry permits are issued by the judge in your County of residence. As long as you have your military ID, DD214, or other identifying paperwork showing military experience with handguns, most judges will issue you a permit without any additional training. However, we recommend our class anyway as you may not be familiar with many of the laws governing Virginia concealed carry.
Q. What if I'm just stationed in Virginia?
A. You qualify. Bring your orders to the courthouse and you can apply for a Virginia Resident Permit as above.
Q. What if I have an expired permit?
A. You will need to re-apply as you did initially. No additional coursework is required, as long as you have your original training certificate. If you have lost that certificate you will have to take a class like ours again.
Q. How many states can I carry in with my Virginia Resident Permit?
A. This is subject to constant updates due to ever changing laws however; at the time of or last update the Virginia Resident Permit is currently recognized by the states shown in the map above on this page. Visit the Virginia State Police page to see a current list of reciprocity and recognition.
Q. What about the Florida Non-Resident Permit?
A. We have an add-on module that satisfies the requirements to obtain your Florida Non-resident Permit as well. This adds four more states. Georgia, Alabama, Kansas and Washington.
Q. What if I'm not a Virginia resident?
A. Our class qualifies you for a Virginia Non-resident permit.
If you have any additional questions that are firearms training, weapons training, advanced training, tactical training, or self defense related please contact us. If your question is about a specific class, let us know and we will ensure that the question is sent to the correct department.
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