Victim or Survivor
Concealed Carry VA is proud to offer professional firearm training classes in the central Virginia area designed to help you obtain your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit. Classes are offered at our training facilities on the premises of Old Town Silver Exchange at 5601 Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Most of our sessions fill up very quickly so please sign up early to ensure the availability of the session you want to attend. To get the latest information about upcoming classes and special offers only available to subscribers, sign up for our newsletter mailing list.
Our basic class is designed to help you obtain a Virginia Concealed Carry Permit. You will learn how to properly use your firearm as well as where, where not, when, and when not to use it. When you are confronted with a home invasion, an attacker, a rapist, or any other bad guy, you have two basic choices. You can either be a victim or a survivor.
VICTIM vic·tim [vik-tim] noun - A person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency: a victim of an aggravated assault.
SURVIVOR sur·vi·vor [ser-vahy-ver] noun - A person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.
The choice is yours. By obtaining your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit you have taken the first step toward being a survivor. Please contact us if you have any questions about our classes or any general firearm questions.
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